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​Doug Krick

Never underestimate the new guy.  A fair warning when it comes to Chef Dougie.  He was raised in the restaurant industry by his restauranteur parents but has been cooking professionally a mere five years.  His original career was in the trucking industry.  Chef Dougie's fire and passion for food were ignited when Chef Robert Irvine and The Food Network series Restaurant Impossible came to Harrisburg to save Dodge City Restaurant.  It was during the filming that Chef Robert Irvine noticed Dougie's raw talent and implored him to enter the restaurant industry as a Chef.  As Executive Chef of Dodge City Steakhouse, Chef Dougie has been honing his culinary skills by pushing himself to work with new and unique ingredients.  His naturally born palate, combined with ingenuity and fresh energy has set him apart as a force to be reckoned with in Central Pennsylvania's foodie scene. 

Dodge City Steakhouse was founded on September 4, 1980 by Doug and Debbie Krick. 

​At that time we established high standards for food and service which offered our customers a very enjoyable dining experience at a reasonable fare. We are dedicated to maintaining this concept in order to continue our high degree of customer satisfaction. We think of our customers as being special, just like the food we serve.

We are especially grateful to our bounty hunters, those satisfied customers who have brought new customers with them.

Let me tell you how we round up such good food. I buy only Fresh, never frozen, USDA Angus Reserve beef loins and hand cut each steak.  We use the highest quality fresh seafood available and eliminate all bones or shells from it ourselves. We use wholesome natural ingredients in our recipes instead of the many artificial products that are available.

Since our meals are carefully prepared to order it may take a little longer to complete the order, but I am confident you will be pleased with the finished product.

Thank you for visiting the Dodge City U.S.A. website and I hope you stop by and visit us at the restaurant real soon.

Doug Krick

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